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The 10 Big Secrets Of Successful People.

Everyone wants to be at the Top, they want success in every aspect of their life.
Yeah it's good to aim high, so bravo for that!

I want to make your quest to be at the top more easy by divulging the 10 big secrets of successful people.
Success isn't all about being at the top but beating your previous record or score..
Most Successful men have secret to their success, I researched about these secrets and here am I writing this article...

PAUSE: You need to become an entrepreneur today. I remember when my mentor (strive masiyiwa) talked about this and its really helping me to attempt the extraordinary..

Entrepreneurship is great, it changes you and your mindset and also prepare you for success...

Anyway, before I delve deep into the topic at stake, let me share some inspiration quote..

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"Don't look down on yourself because of your situation or anyone, remember you're fearfully and wonderfully made"

"Everyone is a star"

"A man of strength can win a trophy but the one with knowledge rules over him.."

"Always concentrate on what you want to achieve.."

"Your thought determines what you get.."

"After you've a battle, sharpen your knife"

"Affirms This: I must reach my goals in life.."

"Gold becomes even more brighter when it passes through fire..."

"A thing not to be with is hope"

"Be financially literate if you desire to be rich"..

If you're aiming to be great, don't ever give up, Persevere!

Below is The 10 Big Secrets Of Successful People, Relax and enjoy!

1. They're Curious.

Successful people are known for their curiosity, they're keen when it comes to learning new stuff, " The day you stop learning, the day you stop growing ".

The popular Mary Slessor that stopped the killing of twin was curious, she learnt their reasons and found out it didn't worth the killing, she frustrated the old tradition that supported killing of twin with her creativity..

Successful people don't do things because people are doing it, the try to know " WHY".

2. They're Pertinacious.

Successful people don't give up, they're determined and persistent.

"By Perseverance the snail reached the ark", successful fail to give up. They just won't give up...

" Success is achieved and maintained by those who keep trying ", successful people tried but failed and guess what?
They Never loose hope!

3. They're Focused.

Successful people know the herculean goal they're chasing and they refuse to get distracted.

They don't allow themselves to be distracted by Flirting, Money, Friends etc. they're focused because they understand that distraction can make them fail.

They try as much as they can not to be distracted, " Distraction is a trick to pull you down ".

4.They Learn From Failure.

Successful people sees failure as a learning spot and a building-bridge to success.

I have heard many successful people say " I wish failure keep coming because it's a sign that success await me".

I usually tell people never to give up because they failed, if your plan fails, you don't stop planning, you plan better and move on..

Failure is a factor that Inspires the the winner, and its also a chance or rather privilege to begin more intelligently.

5. They are game changers.

Successful people love changing the game, the pattern its been played or changing the entire game.

Another word for 'game changer' is creativity, successful people are creative; any field they venture into, they try not to do what others are doing, they do theirs uniquely. If at all they'll do what others are doing, they do it better by utilizing the flaws of others to strengthen theirs. that's the game changing!

Creativity: the power to connect the seemly unconnected.

A man loved reading books, he order for different book and it was delivered to him within sometime. he however felt the time taken for the book arrival was much and he wanted it as quick as, you know what he did?

He refused to be frustrated but rather changed the game. He came up with his own method of buying and delivering books which appears to be more fast than the method he was using then. Not only that, guess what?

His method is one of the most used and fastest when it comes to purchasing book. This man is Jeff Bull from Amazon (founder).

" I never made money from complaining but from dealing with frustration throw at me". Strive Masiyiwa.

Instead of complaining or copying others, they prefer to change the game..

Take a look at Snapchat; Facebook; Twitter; Instagram, they're all social platforms for communication but are different from each other. Its called Game Changing.

If Snapchat Copied Facebook clone, they wouldn't have got were they are!

Are a Game Changer?

6. They're ready for change.

Successful people are always ready to change to any direction.

You'll agree with me that the pattern used to do jobs in the late 80s isn't the same pattern we are using now, for a worker as of 80s to be able to do the current job we have now needs to change the pattern he used in the 80s, else he won't be able to do the work we do currently.

I believe you've got that, that's exactly what successful people do, they're flexible to change..

Things change everyday, you can't use yesterday pattern for today. This is what people fail to understand.

Strive masiyiwa title an article of his: "Be prepared to change your career", he emphasised on change..

So today, permit me to tell you; Be prepared to change your career.

Changing your career doesn't mean changing or quitting your current job, No! But changing the way you do the job.. Else the whirlwind of change will blow you away like chaff because you refused to comply by embracing change.

" Successful people realize the magical powers of change and its outcome".

Lastly, no matter how good you're in what you're doing, you can still do it better. So learn to change to any direction required..

7. They're quick listeners.

Successful people don't talk too much or better still, they don't talk anyhow.

They're good at listening because of their curious nature but will be very careful of the kind of things they relay to you.

Dreams can be killed when it enters the wrong ears, and guess what?

Dream killers are everywhere, some come as friends while others as enemies. So learn to control your speech or words else failure awaits you!

8. They're dream chasers.

Successful people chase dream not money and later on make money from their dream.

"Ideas not money liberate a nation" Philip Emeagwali.

Your dreams are ideas that if properly utilized and maximized will transform you for good.

Making money isn't a dream but money can be a tool for achieving your dream and your dream also yields money!

It's very tragic for you to live in this wide world without a dream,

The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Strive Masiyiwa (Econet founder) once talked about how he rejected an offer that could generate real cash for him and follow his dream despite at that moment he wasn't financially stable and now his dream is fetching him desired money.

Your life aspiration shouldn't be all about money making but touching lives with your dream.

Your dream isn't yet a dream if it hasn't touched lives or life. In fact your dream should be an inspiration to help someone achieve his or her own dream.

Dream isn't sleeping and waking up or rather nightmare or fantasy but is a clear picture of the future. Dream is like a direction of your life.

Start dreaming today, so you'll also shout ' I have a dream ' like Marthin Luther King.

" Be prepared to die for your dreams "

" Don't ever ignore your childhood dreams "

" Its dream that makes life beautiful "

"Dream big and act, you'll definitely succeed "

"Dream maybe delayed but keep your hope alive "

Let me ask you, what's the meaning of life without a dream? (Answer it).

Chase your dream and don't stop dreaming!

9. They're risk takers.

Successful people ain't afraid to take risk.

In fact it's risky not to take risk. Successful people don't allow the word fear to appear in their dictionary as its one major nightmare for not taking risk. With fear in you, you can't take risk.

Risk taking is an opportunity, if you pass it then be prepared to be poor!

P= Passing
O= Over 
O= Opportunity
R= Repeatedly. POOR!

Being successful isn't bread and butter or bread and egg, it requires sacrifice which involves taking risk.

"Gold becomes more brighter when it passes through fire".

"Rome wasn't built in a day".

Eradicate FEAR; False Evidence Appearing Real. Take Risk because achievers set goal others are scared to...

10. They work diligently.

Successful people do their work carefully and with great effort, they ain't lazy and careless.

They do things meticulously, for you to be rewarded with success, you need to work delligently.

Great achievers don't just fold hands and make mere wishes. No they don't!

You can only conquer by striving to conquer, don't allow laziness and procrastinating to rule your life.

If you wish to succeed, work hard and do it painstakingly...

Some quote that will help you achieve big!

" Determination and perseverance are key to success "

" Don't make achievement only in your imagination " WORK!

" Success tomorrow is today's event well managed "

" Don't say something is impossible until you've tried it yourself. "

" Nothing great happened all of a sudden "

" Life has many opportunities, Grab Them! "

" When there's no moon, you go by stars "

" A teachable heart is a database of wisdom "

" Everybody is great, stop the low self-esteem "

" Champions don't walk slowly "

" Achievers set goals others are afraid of "

" Our mind is a powerful asset we have, what's in yours? "

Some teach history, some study history and some make history .

Say Something

I think I've been talking too much, even though I wish to continue. Its your turn to talk too, grab your keyboard and start talking..

What are other secrets of successful people you know? Tell us!

Have questions, contribution, request and more? Drop a comment!

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The 10 Superb Ways To Motivate Yourself To Study.

Many people are finding it hard to study because of one reason or the other.

Some fall asleep as soon as they set to study, while some don't even have any passion for studying.

Studying is essential because it opens you to learning new things, and learning is a essential aspect of life and if you don't learn, you can't progress.

Alvin toffler said "The illiterates of 21centuary won't be those that can't read and write but those that can't learn, unlearn and relearn" , how can this be possible without studying?
So you need to study as it helps you in learning which is an essential part of life.

Reading and studying are too different things, you can read but not study; so don't get it twisted. Studying is what makes you learn not mere reading.

However, I'll be showing you how to motivate or rather persuade yourself to study, relax and enjoy this article with me..

The 10 Superb Ways To Motivate Yourself To Study.

1. Avoid Procrastination.

Procrastinating is one major reason why people fail to study, learn to do things at the right time and don't shift or postpone it to later..

Procrastination will make your life complex, leaving you with too many things to study and you won't be able to make choice of studying.

" I was always postponing my day to day activities and I regretted because I gave my self much work to do at the end".

Avoid procrastination and you'll be motivated to study...

Stop procrastinating and save the stress!!

2. Create A To-do List.

This will help you alot because its similar to your school Timetable and without the Timetable Teacher won't know when they should teach their lecture..
Same thing applies to motivating yourself to study, you need to create a to-do list that will remind you it's time for a particular lecture or activity.

You won't have to miss anything and would save time.

Thank God for technology because you can create your schedule right on your phone and it would be easy for you and most to-do list app has reminder so that will really help..

Incase you don't know what a to-do list look like you can see it in the image below!

3. Get snacks and water.

When studying you might get bored and decide to chew something or sip water.
You should get your water and snacks before you start studying, so that you won't get distracted..

I will advice you eat things like peanuts, granola bars, groundnut or fruits that will energize and strengthen you..

Please avoid fast foods.  This includes hamburgers, croissants, nachos, pizza, doughnuts, muffins, and cinnamon rolls.
They can easily make you fall asleep..

4.Wear Comfortable Clothes.

Wear comfortable clothes when you want to study to avoid distraction..

When I want to study I remove all my clothes so that I will be comfortable .

If you are a girl that has long hair try packing it together because it might enter your eyes and cause distraction..

Avoid tight cloths and trousers to avoid heat and itching of the body which can easily frustrate you from studying..

5.Set Goal.

Set a target you want to achieve.
You can decide to study maths and choose a specific topic you want to complete..
If you don't have a goal you'll be frustrated and that will stop you from studying.

Maths for example, You set goal like "I want to complete simultaneous equation and surd today", this will help you study better and be focused, of course you can't study every maths topic once, so you need a target...

Imagine a man travelling without destination. You will be lost that is why you need to set a goal and make sure you achieve that.

This won't only motivate you to study, it will also increase the speed of achieving what you want...

6.Consider the profit.

For you to have passion for studying you need to consider what you'll stand to gain when you achieve the task. Consider the good things that will come out from it.

Maybe you'll be awarded as Best student,  Family gift, Praises from teachers, Scholarship Etc
This will increase your passion towards studying harder.

At times you might get bored and tired of studying but when you remember the good things attached to the task you'll be motivated.

7.Put your phone on silent.

When you want to study try put off your phone or silent it to avoid distraction..

Your friends might call you and you'll be distracted.

That's the main reason why many schools prohibits the use of phone during school hours because you phone may ring and cause distraction. Although some schools allows it.

8.Don't be scared to get started!

Lets say you're studying maths and you came across a topic that seems hard and you just feel like leaving it..

Leaving it won't make you know it. When you encounter such situation, don't be scared to start it. You can spilt it into different sections so you won't be confused..

Just start it and you'll definitely understand..
"Things seems to be hard when you haven't started it".

9.Take a break.

When you're getting bored and tired you can take a little break to eat, listen to music and have fun.

Like a popular saying "All Work No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy" so don't just read all day, take a break.

Make sure you have completed a particular section before taking a break. Don't use the opportunity to run because the topic seems hard..

Set time when the break will be over. So you won't consume useful time..

10.Switch off your computer.

Always switch off your computer when you want to study except you're using it to study..

This can be a huge gadget of distraction. You can decide to check if I have a new email message or check some celebrity gossip before you know it, you have spent hours..

That's why I always switch mine off except am using it..

Note: If you do need to use the computer as a research tool, consider printing out the information once you get it so that you're not tempted to open up another browser window and check your Facebook status. If you're really tempted to go on social sites, why not deactivate for a little while?

If you need to use the computer solely as a word processor, think about temporarily turning off your Internet access.

With this steps I believe you can motivate yourself to study and also don't fail to remember the importance of studying..

Say Something
Uhm, I think I've been talking too much, I wanna pass the keyboard to you to tell me some of your adventure with studying..

What's some other ways to persuade yourself to study I probably didn't know or mention? Tell me!

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The 9 Effective Ways To Keep Your Face Pimples Free!

Pimples, Medically known as acne vulgaris, is the most common skin problem which affects virtually 100 percent teenagers in many forms Nowadays, a good number of adults in their late 20s to 30s are faced with the same problem.

A good knowledge and few lifestyle tweaks can help prevent acne or reducing its severity.

How To Keep Your Face Pimples Free!

1. Keep Your Scalp Oil Free and Try to Shampoo Often as acne occurs due to excessive oil production by glands over our face and head.

We must also avoid oiling our hair as that would lead to dandruff and acne precipitation or exacerbation.

2.Wash face gently at least twice daily. This will not only reduce the oiliness of your face, it will also keep it clean and this helps combats the bacteria which causes acne production. For this, a non oily soap or face wash should be used.

Remember to stroke your face gently while washing as excessive scrubbing might increase the inflammation.

3.Try to use minimal cosmetics over the face as this blocks facial pores and causes acne. Always use ' non comedogenic ' products or consult a dermatologist when in doubt.

4. Avoid getting waxing on the face or massages or facials with only comedogenic products.

Always ensure which products are being used and ask your doctor if they're suitable for acne prone skin.

5. Avoid smoking; smoking is directly linked with the intensity of acne.

6. If you wish to make dietary changes, you can reduce the intake of dairy products such as milk products which have been known to increase acne production.

This must only be done after consulting a dietician.

7. A strict NO to the use of steroid creams over the face when you have acne!

Seek advice of a dermatologist before applying any cream recommended by your friend or family as they may contain steroids.

8. Avoid stress and stay happy, as a happy face is a beautiful face.

9. Acne maybe associated with hormonal problems in the body, the most important being PCOS, in which acne usually occurs with weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles and thick facial hair.

If you experience such symptoms, you must visit a dermatologist right away as this would need weight reduction and some medicines to treat the disorder.

If despite these recommendation; your acne persists, then you must visit a dermatologist and do not use any product without consulting a skin specialist.

In this era of technology, you can also make use of phone reminders and other devices to help you remember these simple hacks.

Featured article.
This article was written by Dr. mangul aggarwal, consultant with department of dermatology, fortis hospital shalimar bagh India.

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what's your take on this article? drop a comment...

Questions, Inquiries, Contributions, Request and more ; is highly welcomed...

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The 5 Warning Signs That Shows He Maybe Cheating.

This Days, promiscuity is rampard and its high time to know if your man is worthy of the relationship or rather the kind of love and affection you give by knowing if they're being faithful to you.

It's painful to find out the person you love and cherish unconditional is not loyal to you but pretends to the most loyal and caring person on earth.

There are many ways to know what your boyfriend is doing behind your back,

I have created this topic to help you detect better, like I said its a sign and not an evidence, so be careful not to make mistakes due to your wrong conclusion.

Having said that, lets dive deep into the topic at stake and probably see the warning sign that prove he might be cheating, Grab a seat and enjoy!

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Hope you're following, no time to talk lets get started.

1.When He Refused Sex Even When You Ask.

No guy will ever refuse sex, No Matter What! Guys are always ready and happy with sex..

Even if he will do, it shouldn't be everytime you ask for it.
When he always come up with  silly excuses like "Am Tired"; He might be Cheating!

2.When He's Don't Call You Even Once Everyday.

He never calls you and always give excuses like "My Battery Was Low Or No Airtime", it's high time you investigate because there's something fishy about him..

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3.When He Finds Fault in Everything you do.

Your man might actually be cheating when he complains about everything you do; there might be someone who he thinks is doing better than you.

You helped him washed clothes, cook, etc  but he still complains, there's nothing good about everything you do.

4.When He Always Accuses You Of Cheating.

When he's always accusing you that you're cheating on him then there's an atom of possibility he might be cheating! because there's a saying " Only Thief Knows Thief", he might be promiscuous and think you're the same, so he suspect every little thing or move you do or make.

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5.When He Tells you Never To Come To His House Without Informing him.

Every lady would like visiting her man on surprise and it's fun surprising your spouse... if he refuses letting you come on surprise without any good reason.. Then he might be cheating...

In conclusion, with above facts, your spouse may actually be cheating, but don't act too fast because you ain't 100% Sure.
"You can't judge a book by its cover", so try get or solid evidence or better still wait for evidence, and also avoid stalking him.

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Say something

Have you ever discovered your Spouse is cheating; what are the ways you used? Tell me!

Have any question, Request, Complain, Contribution; Drop it in the comment!

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The 21 Type of Guys You Should Avoid Dating.

Guys sometimes can be really pretentious, they can manoeuvre to anything just to be with a Lady , even if requires going against their wish or what's uncomfortable with them.

I think its time to know the right person for you, I know no guy is immaculate but there's a limit for everything.

If you're in a relationship or planning to, then peruse this article and know if that guy is right for you.

This article will tell you or Rather show you the signs that you're in the wrong relationship or you might be entering one..

Below is a list of 21 guys you should avoid dating.

1. A Guy that talks about nothing meaningful but sex. Is he a porn staff?

2. A Guy that can't give specific reason why he loves you. Is he thinking straight?

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3. A Guy that can't share any clear picture of how he is planning his life. what's your fate together?

4. A Guy That keep malice with you for extraneous reasons.

5. A Guy that don't want to ever see you with any other Guy except him. are you in bondage?

6. A Guy that has no topic except romantic word to seduce you.

7. A Guy that care only about himself, want everything in his favour.

8. A Guy that has no plans to marry you. what's the relationship for? to use and dump you?

9. A Guy that get upset and avoid you because you denied him sex. is that why you're dating?

10. A Guy that ask for relationship the very first day he set his eyes on you. where is the love coming from? fear this kind of guys.

11. A Guy that monitors every step you take and keep suspecting you.

12. A Guy that wants you to miss school, work and other crucial things just to see him.

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13. A Guy that has nothing to say other than Love.

14. A Guy that calls you every minute. is he jobless?

15. A Guy that always talk about his dreams and future but isn't working towards achieving it.

16. A Guys that threaten you with breakup over little misunderstanding.

17. A guys that can't tell any good reason for his previous breakup.

18. A Guy that tells all his friends after he kiss or have sex with you. why is he telling them?

19. A Guy that think sex is the only therapy or remedy for problems.

20. A Guy that discover fault in everything you do, he can never see anything GOOD in you. how will you cope if you eventually get married?

21. A Guy that Leave his previous Girlfriend for no reason but just to chase you; because of your appearance. how sure are you he won't leave you for another cute lady than yourself?

In Conclusion, he might not possess all this flaws, so be careful not to judge quickly. Also possessing this doesn't guarantee he is the wrong guy, don't judge a book by its cover.
Whichever, be careful with Guys that annex this flaws because most of them are the wrong guys!

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The 4 Ultimate Facts To Consider Before Starting Any Business.

Many business men have failed because they didn't plan.

Before starting a business, there are some facts which you can't overrule else it will lead to your own detriment.

No business person will intentionally seek a path leading to failure or rather losses, so that's why knowing the right facts before starting a business is necessary.

Having said all this, I have compiled a list of facts to consider before venturing into any business, when you rush into business without doing the needful, you'll definitely Rush out of it...

READ10 Big Secrets Of Successful People.

However, i think considering this points will help in having a successful business, relax and study with me.

The 4 Ultimate Facts To Consider Before Starting Any Business.


Why engaging yourself in business you know nothing about??

Before getting involved in any business make research and find out what the business is all about.

Is it a lucrative business? or one of those vapid business that's gonna lead you to no were. In this period you have to manage your time well because it wait for nobody.

One of my friend started an online business just because he heard people are making millions online and he didn't make great research, now the business has collapsed and he is now stranded..

Lack of planning has resulted to failure of many entrepreneurs and business owners.

Imagine you just woke up and decided to start a car wash business without knowing what is used when washing cars , you'll have some customers the first day but they'll never come back because you're not well equipped. Before getting into such business think about what you've to offer.

There are many car washers out there, for you to be successful you need to discover something that will make you different from them, something that will draw people attention.


Where is the business leading you to?
Is it one of those broke business that's gonna take what you've instead of adding to your pocket.

Many business men have failed because they don't consider where the business will lead them to.

Some business will create ways for your riches while some will even spoil or rather scatter what took you years to build.
Be involved in business that won't make you spend all your life savings...

Another question to ask yourself:
" Is this business crime free??" Yes I said Crime; don't be involved in those kind of business that will cause you trouble and bring enmity between you and colleagues...

A woman in my area was selling building materials and we were all living peacefully in that compound not until another woman started that same business because she feels the other woman is making cool cash 💰
Now the compound is something else,
Trouble here and there, so its good to start business that would be an exchange to peace with people or someone.

Don't start any business because of jealousy, you'll end up causing competition and trouble.


What do you stand to get from that business, why continue working with someone that will end up telling you stories after all your hard work.

The main aim of business is the profit, if I don't want money why start a business..

There's what I call Blind Investment.
You invest were you know the profit will hardly come out..

Some people are just so funny when it's comes to business they'll be like" Business is all about talking risk " I just laugh.

Business is risk yeah, but it's foolish to take risk without planning and thinking.

Imagine you borrowed money for a business and you took the risk at the end everything failed, will you tell the owner of the money that you took risk??

A friend of mine borrowed money from money lenders that collects interest when paying back , guess what he invested the money on?

*sigh, whenever I remember this story I just hiss and shake my head but I can't really do anything because the money is all gone .

Back to the story;
He took the money to a betting hall, I think it's called Bet 9ja. Just because he heard a friend won 5million with just 100 thousand.

The worst part was that he has never played the game before that's how he lavished cool #200,000 and now he is in under the custody of the police because he was unable to pay back..
*wish he spent the money wisely there'll be no trouble by now.


This the last on my list and it's very common and also crucial.

Imagine you're  self employed, lets say your work is painting and someone brought a job that worths 2million you just happily rush into the work without considering the time the work will take you.

Maybe the time spent would have been used to make more money than the 2million that's why I like most tailor's because they work with time.

When they see your work will take the time that will be used to achieve greater things they'll just decline your work..

Before starting any business consider if the business is worth the time you'll be spending on it because time flies.


Those are some necessary consideration before starting any business, it won't be wise to start any business without property investigation or analysis because you'll be risking your chance to succeed, so learn to put those measures to practice...

Say Something...

I think I've been taking too much, I wanna pass the keyboard to you so you too can talk on aforementioned topic, of course this isn't all the consideration before starting any business; what are others I probably didn't mention but are relevant? Share them..

Have any questions pertaining this article? I'm available to answer your question.

Contribution, request and more are also welcome but don't spam my comment section! Drop you say!

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The 10 Things You Must Do For A Sparking Relationship.

Many healthy and sparkling relationship has been terminated because they don't know how to survive in hard times..

Having a great relationship Is nice.

If you're having issues In a relationship or you want to learn more about sparkling relationships then this article is for you..

With this post you'll learn how to sustain your relationship.

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The 10 Things You  Must Do For A Sparkling Relationship.

1.Be Realistic

No relationship is perfect and there's always a Time we are confused because of one problem or the other .
There's always disagreement in every relationship but what matters is being able to get over it..

What makes a relationship sparkling is the ability to settle dispute and continue the relationship. Instead of sweeping the issue under ground...

Running away from issues isn't the best choice in a relationship but having boldness and courage to face the plight..

You should never see your partner as a perfect being. We all are humans and might make mistakes..

Sit down and discuss issues, that proves you're matured.
Try embrace your difference and live happily..


For you to have a sparkling relationship with your partner you need communication..

Distance should never be an excuse to justify your mistakes..

Call your partner regularly make them feel loved.
You can chat with them on whatsapp, facebook etc. Just don't make them notice the distance between you both...

Always listen to your spouse and don't be the Mr Right....

Regular communication will result to sparkling relationship...

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3.Admit Your Mistakes

For your relationship to excel and be sparkling, you need to be responsible for your action..

Always be ready to say "I'm sorry" and sincerely ask for forgiveness..

Don't try to paint or justify your mistakes by saying "I'm sorry but you made me angry". Don't justify it, admit you're wrong.

If you noticed you've done something wrong to your partner, intentionally or not. Sincerely apologize and keep the relationship going..

If you notice that you're always making same mistakes, Sit down with your partner and tell him/her the mistakes you're always making and you're finding it difficult to change...
Tell them to remind you when next you makes such mistakes.

4.Give Them Some Space.

For a sparkling relationships try giving your partner a little space..
Everybody don't want to be controlled or pushed up and down...

Don't spy on your partner by Reading Their Sms, Facebook msg, whatsaap chats or even stalking them...

Even if you're suspecting he/she is cheating don't spy because they might actually not be cheating and you'll loose their trust..

Don't worry about if they're cheating because it must be revealed some day..

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5.Be Romantic.

For a sparkling relationship you need to be Romantic..
Many people mistakes the word romantic for sex...

Being romantic has nothing to do with sex, but the way you interact.

Don't make your spouse bored, bring up funny topics and discuss about yourselves..

Below are some few ways you can be romantic...

• Compliment him/her.

• Tell her sweet thing on the phone.

• Make him/her feel so special.

• Say I love you as much as you can..

• Tell him/her you missed them even when they're with you not long ago..

Being romantic is like spicing your's a key thing in relationship..

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6.Spend Time Together

For you to have a sparkling relationship, you need to spend time often.

Don't get too busy with things. always create time to see your partner.

Whenever you feel you can't see him/her try calling frequently and avoid making them bored..

Make them experience the fun in a relationship..

Spend time with him/her and keep your relationship going..

7.Flirt, Kiss And Go Naughty.

For a sparkling relationships, you don't need to be bored.
Flirt and have fun!

Watch naughty movies together, kiss and enjoy yourselves..

Relationship is bored without flirting..

If you haven't be doing it, it's better you start before you end your relationship..

Don't act like Mr/Mrs Shy!

8.Surprize each other.

For a sparkling relationships, you need to surprize your partner and make him/her feel special..

A surprize filled relationship is always healthy and sparkling..

I know people will say I don't have money to buy something for him/her, but its not all about money..
Your partner should love you for who you're and appreciate anything you have to offer..

How To Surprize Your Woman

• Write a note showing how much you love her then put it in her bag or around the house..

• Decorate the house with notes displaying I love you..

• Send her flowers..

• You can produce your own music telling her how much you love her.

• Get something repaired.

• surprize her with a Date..

How To Surprize Your Man 

• Notice what he likes and send it to him as a gift..

• Send him voice message telling him how much you love him..

• Iron his clothes..

• Cook his favourite meal..

• Write I love you note and spread it around the house..

• Organize his birthday party without his concept..

• Send him naughty SMS..

• Tell him dirty things.(I know you understand).

• change his wallpaper and put something romantic..

That's a good way to have a sparkling relationships..

9.Encourage them

When they're down be there for you to encourage them...

Let them count on you for anything..

Let them forget their sorrows and be happy..

Don't add to their pain and show love..
That's the time you're really needed don't disappoint them..

10.Go on a date

Don't make relationship bored..
Let there be time for fun and merriment.

Go out together on a date and have best of fun!

You can organise a surprize date and keep your relationship healthy...

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